Newly Opened Bonefish Grill Aims – And Succeeds – To Please

Bonefish Grill is a place where it would be slightly wrong to visit in less than jeans and a nice shirt, and the experience they give their customers reflects that attitude.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – At Bonefish Grill, a very comfortable, relaxed setting with dim lighting and inconspicuous music only readies a guest for the edible pieces of paradise they will receive.

The first of which is the succulent Bang Bang Shrimp, simply one of the best ways one can spend $10.40. Showered, but not drenched, in an orange, tangy sauce of mayo, basil and sriracha, the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish is one of the most appealing appetizers offered in the restaurant world. 

That is, however, just a setup for what’s to come. There isn’t a Pandora’s Box of entrees on the menu, but that is actually a welcome sight as guests will already have a tough time picking what to try.

The options include one meal a bit out of the ordinary. The Lobster Grilled Cheese exemplifies what makes Bonefish Grill so unique. The meal is prepared exactly hoit sounds – no tricks here. It works to mesmerizing effect.

The highlight of the plate, however, is the bowl of lobster bisque – a creamy, orange soup that is infused with zesty flavor.

Creme Brule is a must to end any meal, and Bonefish delivers on all fronts with their version of the treat. The coffee flavored surface holds all the crunch needed need to welcome the taste buds to the creamy, addictive custard that lies in waiting beneath.


A individualized experience 

The attention their servers give are worthy of a nice tip. In the first fifteen minutes alone one might get upward of three visitors with a cocktail menu and firsthand expertise about their offerings, as well as their own recommendations when asked. They’re persistent, but never annoying.

Bonefish goes the extra mile to write on their takeout boxes the meal and date.

Bonefish goes the extra mile to write on their takeout boxes the meal and date.


A special trait of Bonefish Grill is that they invite all kinds of gatherings and will give every hungry visitor a personable experience. That’s what Bonefish Grill prides itself on, and their accommodations fit couples on their third dates as equally as a group of college kids willing to spend a few extra bucks for Bang Bang Shrimp.


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